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About Centers Web Design

The Past

Located in Orlando, Florida, Centers Web Design has been designing graphics and web sites since 1998 and offering PC Services since 1993. Founded by Entrepreneur Shawn Centers, Centers Web Design started out with a commitment to launch a company that has a commitment to treating others as we ourselves wanted to be treated: with courtesy, with respect and with expertise. We have not lost a client yet due to poor service.

By necessity we had to be frugal, but even with our less than ample resources we always did our best to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. Those early days quickly taught us the technical expertise and market savvy necessary to survive in our industry, as well as teaching us to respect each and every customer's wishes. However we have to say ultimately it was the grace of God and His remarkable answers to our prayers that sustained us through the early days to the present.

We can see there's still a long road in front of us. We don't know exactly where it will lead; all we know is that the trip will be fun, and we wish you'd come with us!

The Present

As with all companies, there are some things we do the same as our competitors and there are some things we do differently. We try to imitate whenever we feel imitation is deserved, and we deviate whenever we feel deviation is a must. Most companies offer a wide range of features bundled with various service plans, and we are of course no exception.

Most companies offer from a basic web package and up, but wait. There is more...

Where you first start to notice the difference between Centers Web Design and all other web design companies is the community feel of our web site. Besides the standard links for things like service descriptions and web hosting, there are convenient links to areas for customer suggestions, as well as our client help desk. All of these are a natural outcropping of our desire to stay in touch with our clients and to foster a free flow of ideas between them and us. What better way to learn how to keep our customers happy than to ask them, and then to act on what they say?

Another refreshing difference is how relaxed and customer-oriented our billing practices are. We have no hidden costs, no minimum monthly contracts. At present we accept payment via cash, personal check, money order and credit card payments through PayPal or Square. PayPal is becoming widely selected as the most convenient and secure way to purchase over the internet. We can even provide an invoice by email or regular mail if required by your Accounting department. The differences keep coming!

But of course, the biggest difference, the one that keeps people singing our praises and referring their friends, is our customer service. Every message is responded to within 24 hours, with a friendly, helpful, and completely honest answer. Sometimes a problem does arise with a design, and we let our customers know when it happens. We'll also let them know if a cheaper plan better fits their needs, or what sort of software we personally use for whatever you are trying to implement. We constantly try to treat everyone as a friend in need (indeed!).

The Future

This is where you come in. If you are reading this then it is because you are either seriously considering our services or you are an existing customer who wants to know who this great web design company is that is providing such great service. :). Both scenarios are good. An expanding customer base and retaining our existing clients allows us to do more research and development so that we may continue to provide the latest and greatest in services and designs, and it allows us to be debt free, and privately owned AND to keep our services some of the most affordable in the industry.

We want to please our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with our business practices and with our relationships with our clients. We want long term relationships with our clients. We want a reputation among the myriads of web design companies out there, that says we put our God above self, clients above profit, and share a percentage of our profits with those who are in need.